February 10th, 2017

Hello, my fellow Homeschoolers;

While it is true that my children completed their Homeschool journey when they graduated back in the 90’s, I still am deeply involved in and committed to improving and strengthening the freedom and opportunities available to Homeschooling families.  I work everyday to smooth relations between Home graduates and local colleges by ensuring that students receive the proper documentation for their graduation.  I am always striving to have available curricula that provides a diverse and thorough high school education while also allowing flexibility and customization; and offering a selection of other unit studies for all ages. All with an emphasis on Christian values and life practices.

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Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man were both created as result of much prayer and dedication to my calling as a parent and a teacher.  As my daughter, Naomi Rebekah, neared HS level, my husband and I began to search for the right curriculum to use with her.  There were many available that would have resulted in an excellent academic education.  However, the majority of these had too much emphasis on training her for a career or a modern lifestyle, or were strict follow-the-textbook types that did not fit her learning style.  We wanted to provide the education but reinforce the values, morals and ideals God desires for his people.

As we prayed about this, I kept being reminded of the passage Proverbs 31, I felt God was calling me to it as the answer.  I decided that I would use it as Bible class for a year to balance out the curriculum we chose to use.  However, as I began really delving into the passage, I realized that an in-depth study of each verse would not be only bible study.  Instead, all we needed to guide and educate our daughter was right there.  This is how Far Above Rubies came to exist.

This curriculum evaluates each verse and draws in resources which allow a deeper understanding of the knowledge, skills and values required to fully embody God’s priceless woman.  While Becky was in high school, many of our home schooling friends would see or hear about what we were doing and were intrigued.  I began to receive requests to help others do something similar, it was then that my husband encouraged me to pull the information from my (many) spiral notebooks into a more manageable format and share it with others.

I wrote Blessed is the Man with my husband about 3 years after Becky graduated.  I had begun to travel to HS shows with FAR and was enjoying the fellowship and feedback I was receiving, but I was moved by how times I heard comments like “I want the same thing, but I only have boys so FAR won’t help me”.  When I shared this with my husband, he said we should pray about trying to create a similar curriculum for young men.  Together we were drawn to Psalm 1, and this became the passage on which Blessed is the Man was based.  Like Far Above Rubies, Blessed is the Man is set-up to provide the academic and practical education needed while keeping God’s ideals for manhood in the forefront.  I strongly believe that Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man are each unique, one-of-a kind offerings and I would love the opportunity to share them with your family.

Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man are sold separately in e-book form on a computer CD.  There are enough available activities and resources in each to cover all the years for Jr. and Sr. High.  My passion for and belief in these books has never wavered and I will always strive to keep them very affordable.

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June 29th, 2016

The new school year is fast approaching and we know how hectic it can be to be searching for a new curriculum.  We believe that the unit study style, unique structure of Blessed is the Man and Far Above Rubies will provide the flexibility and spiritual focus on Christian values your family will love.  To put this to the test, we are offering a discount summer price.  Starting NOW, through August 1, these user-friendly, customizable unit studies are priced at $40.00 each.

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Please have a Blessed Summer!!

December 18th, 2015

Looking for a new approach in your homeschooling for the New Year?  So glad you stopped by. Our unit study curriculum guides are specifically designed to provide all the necessary tools and instruction needed while allowing flexibility and customization of the experience for each student.  Check out our high school guides; Far Above Rubies and Blessed is The Man as well as our wide variety of topic-focused studies.


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Merry Christmas and the best of God’s blessings in 2016

November 12th, 2015

We are so pleased to announce that a new edition of Far Above Rubies has just been completed and is available NOW.  This updated CD-Rom contains new and revised resources to replace those no longer available or outdated.  We are so excited by this news that we are offering a special incentive price on this new release.  From now through December 1, the new FAR will be discounted from the retail price of $59.95… It is now only $35.00 each, click below to order

December 31st, 2014

Blessings to You,  I hope your Christmas was full of love, loved ones and reminders or our Savior.  In honor of the New Year, for the next two weeks, all of our products are being discounted by 15%.  So if your resolution is to change the way you home school, then let us help you honor it.  All of our products are available in easy-to-use, convenient e-book format.  This keeps our prices low and preserves our environmental resources.

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June 9th, 2014

I want to encourage you all to enjoy the glorious summer God has provided us.  This is a great time of year to spend with your family experiencing wonderful new things/places.

If you are looking for ways to continue your schooling while having great fun, we may have just the thing.

Swimming School

Swimming is a great way to cool off and rejuvenate.  This unit study will allow you and your student to investigate all aspects of this wonderful part of summer.

Road Tripping School

Got big vacation plans? This unit study is a great companion to take along in the car.

Whatever your summer plans, be safe and take time to enjoy each other.

December 12th, 2012

We believe learning can be fun and we have designed our products to prove it.  As a gift to you all, now through 12/31, we are offering massive discounts on ALL of our products.  Everything we sell is 50% off the regular prices.

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July 14th, 2012

In case you haven’t stepped outside recently and don’t know, summer is here.  Now is a great time to consider what curriculum will meet the needs of your family.  It is also a perfect time to take advantage of our summer sale.  Until 8/15/12, Far Above Rubies & Blessed is the Man are both available for only $45.00 each, and (if you live in the US) we pay the shipping.  In addition all of our other items have been discounted 10%.

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July 13th, 2012

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So sorry, but our Paypal shopping cart system is experiencing some issues and is not currently in service.  If you wish to place an order for any of our products while we are working on the problem, please send your information directly through Paypal.  Simply log-in to Paypal and send all product and shipping info along with your payment to farauthor@aol.com

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this corrected soon.

July 10th, 2008

and not just here on my blog. Within the last few weeks, I have written four new unit studies, all of which are now for sale on this website. These are mostly aimed at middle school and above as most unit studies are for younger children. However, I have carefully included enough activities to allow younger siblings to join in for the most part. We will also be carrying studies for younger children on an affiliate basis for other publishers, including some of you. All of our material is from a Christian perspective and includes Bible lessons. Read on for details on the individual units.

Green for a Day — Or a Lifetime
It has always bothered me that material written for children on caring for the environment are always filled with New Age, and Mother Nature nonsense. This unit study is the answer to that problem. It approaches protection of the environment from the Christian perspective as the job of those designated by God to have dominion over the Earth. Thus, students learn respect and the need to care for the Earth without the New Age tones.

In the Swim for School
If you want to start back to ‘school’ while your children think it is still summer (maybe because it is) and want to spend their days in the pool, all of you will love this unit. This unit study allows you to keep little (and not-so-little) minds active and learning a variety of subjects while investigating everything related to swimming and swimming pools. Prolong the swimming season without giving up those valuable days of schooling.

Of the People, By the People, For the People
It is not too late to use this election season to teach our children about the process of electing our President. Activities include reading biographies of Presidents, watching election results, playing games about elections, and actually helping in political campaigns. The study is written in such a way as to allow for independent study where appropriate but also lends itself well to the family working together, particularly on the many projects that are included. Many of the activities can also be used for state and local elections as well.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Drawing upon the excitement of the movie, this unit study examines the truths and myths about pirates, bringing the Bible to bear on their lives and activities. Students will also learn the history and geography of the islands in the Caribbean and the countries of Central and South America that border it. All ages can have fun with the living books, videos, games and hands-on projects included here.

We also offer several new unit studies by other authors. All of these have been carefully reviewed and meet our standards in all areas. I will post my reviews of those here very soon.