April 9th, 2009

All the Letters, All Year Long

Reviewed by Lisa Hodgen of Me and My House Ministries

Many years ago, with my girls that are now grown and have families of their own, we used a Bible-based unit-study curriculum for girls. We primarily picked this curriculum because it used many of the books that were my required reading for my girls anyhow. The curriculum was Far Above Rubies; the author, Lynda Coats.

Now, Lynda has written another unit study curriculum at the other end of the spectrum, a phonics program for beginning readers. Lynda calls All the Letters, All Year Long a “Comprehensive Unit Study with Total Immersion Phonics for Beginning Readers”. When Lynda says “total immersion” she isn’t kidding. She provides plenty of suggested activities for more subjects than you can probably think of, so no family should ever lack for ideas of what to do next.

The premise of All the Letters, All Year Long is that the child will work on learning the basic sound of one letter each week. And through that letter he will learn about many areas of life; he will be immersed in it.

This is a true unit study with activities for language arts, Bible, character and manners, daily routines including chores, hygiene, clothing and food, geography, history and social studies, science, exercise, games, arts and crafts, and field trips included for each letter. There are places to go, books to read, shows to watch, activities to make and do. Each activity will reinforce the phonics lesson further.

Like most unit studies, All the Letters, All Year Long is quite flexible. If your child doesn’t need to spend a whole week on each letter, don’t; or if you choose to spend longer on a letter, do. Since this is primarily a reading program, only the language arts and Bible activities are necessary. The others are all to be added as you choose. This program was designed for you to have fun with your students and help them enjoy learning.

Lisa @ Me and My House Ministries
Discipleship for Life!

August 22nd, 2008

We just received a new review of the unit study, Swimming School… In and Around the Pool. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Felice Gerwitz, author/publisher Media Angels, Inc. www.MediaAngels.com

Swimming pools are something commonly found in Southwest Florida, where I reside, so when veteran author Lynda Coats came out with her new unit study on this topic I was very interested.

What a find! This study contains all kinds of information, links, and is more than just a safety manual. While she has some great website links on safety, what really intrigued me was the thoroughness of this unit.

Not only was there lots of information about swimming pools in general but also information about the structure and how they are built as well. This unit can be used again and again.

As she states, there is more information than you will need to use. But, be ready to spend more time than you plan to…my children wanted to learn more and this unit created what I like to term “off-shoot-learning” …it sparked interest in many related topics — exactly what I believe a good unit study should do. I highly recommend this unit study.”
Felice Gerwitz, author/publisher Media Angels, Inc. www.MediaAngels.com

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October 15th, 2007

I’m excited to report that some friends have gathered to help me with a very special sale and benefit. As you know, Lauren’s medical situation is very serious. He’s home now, under the care of hospice, and we are facing major expenses on many fronts. Our friends have gathered to help us, and in benefiting us, they will also benefit you.

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Also, I’ve just posted two wonderful reviews!

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October 1st, 2007

These just in! New Reviews by Tami Fox of Discount Homeschool Supply (DHSS)!
With My Very Life by Lynda and Becky Coats
Reviewed by Tami Fox
This novel is a fictional story set during the time of the Pony Express. As I began this book, I was captivated by the story line with the first few pages. It was very neat to have the author’s perspective of life on a pony express station during its brief, and very important, existence. The story brought to life several characters that are well-known in our country’s history of the Wild West. They have also woven the Gospel into the storyline, and they portray the spiritual struggles of those living in dangerous times. If you enjoy a good, historical fiction book, you will love this book. And it will leave you wanting to read more. It’s a good thing Lynda and Becky have provided us with three books in this series.
Life and Death Matter by Lynda and Becky Coats
Reviewed by Tami Fox
In this second installation in the Pony Express series, Lynda and Becky have woven together more stories based on the lives of those living on a Pony Express station. I was immediately brought up to speed in the first chapter on the happenings in the lives of the people they wrote about in the first novel, and I was ready to read more. I also enjoyed reading how the faith of these people grew, and how it affected those around them who were not Christians. It showed how God always has a plan and purpose for the things that happen in life, and how He can use trials and tribulations for His glory and purpose. As I finished this book, I was ready to read the third installation in this series.

Love of a Lifetime by Lynda and Becky Coats
Reviewed by Tami Fox
In this third and final installation of the Pony Express series, I started the book thinking I knew what was going to happen. Well, the authors had a different idea, and I enjoyed this story as much as the first two stories in this series. I was able to envision these characters from Lynda and Becky’s story, and of course, I was rooting for it to end like I thought it should end. And since I don’t want to give any of the storyline away, I will have to leave it to you to find out what happened in this book. I do not find myself with a lot of time to read for pleasure, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read these books.

The trilogy is now available for purchase! CLICK HERE to get your copy today.