February 28th, 2008

The above sentence is a quote from one of the many poems of my new favorite poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay. There is much about her that is not appealing to me. She lived a lifestyle that none who claim the name of Christ could approve; she is definitely not a role model for our children. If I had known her personally, we would not have been likely friends. However, in her poetry, she speaks my language. Many of her verses, like the one above, express the deep cry of my heart right now.

I can feel what she felt; I can relate to what she is saying. I can also feel great sorrow for her, knowing that she did not have the comfort of the Lord in the way that we do. Though she spoke of God, it was never as the loving Savior or Father, but only as the power of the universe.

I do not know the circumstances of these writings of hers, but I am quite sure that she experienced, or at least, understood, the heartache of losing someone close— the pain that never completely goes away — the hole that is left in your heart forever. Regrettably for her, she may not have known the Savior who answers her dilemma. He does know ‘why’ and He is ever ready to help those who love Him to understand it as well. Life goes on, because He is in control. His plans are far above our plans, but they are perfect for us.

When we lean on Him He will direct our paths. We can be sure that our life will go on under His blessed wings, There is no better place to be.