May 21st, 2008

Are you considering unit studies for the coming school year? In addition to our high-school unit study curricula, Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man, and our elementary phonics program, All the Letters, All Year Long, we offer custom unit studies as part of the new Unit Study Emporium. Just fill out the questionnaire, and we’ll create the personalized unit study of your dreams.

You can now purchase instantly downloadable samples of both Far Above Rubies (74 page sample) and Blessed is the Man (70 page sample) for just $5 each. That way, you’ll be able to actually try out the unit studies before you invest in the entire program. I think you’ll be blessed by how much your students learn, and by how enjoyable it is to learn through a well-designed unit study.

I always enjoy hearing from readers who have used FAR or BITM, and I was blessed to receive an excellent review from Katrina Milligan. She’s used the curriculums for her three children, and she shares how they helped her work with her own organizational skills and her student’s learning styles. You can read the review on the Testimonials page.

If you haven’t browsed the Article section recently, you may not have seen some of the latest articles. Be sure to check them out- they’re listed in the sidebar.

Remember, if you need some family-friendly reading, our Life With the Pony Express historical fiction trilogy is ready to download. The titles are:

You save $3 when you purchase all three titles as a set for $15! Enjoy!