Are you looking for a well-rounded curriculum for your high school student? Have you wondered whether it was a good idea to home school all the way through high school? I would like to encourage you that homeschooling through the teen years is a wonderful option.

I’ve developed two unit study curricula, Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man, that will prepare your students for living. In addition to the very important academic subjects, these unit studies are designed to prepare teens for their God-designed roles in life.

You can read more about each one by clicking on it’s individual page. Although I am currently out of stock for the printed version of Far Above Rubies, I have plenty of Blessed Is The Man in stock. I hope to have both books available as e-books very soon. If you subscribe to my RSS feed, you’ll find out exactly when they are ready to order!

Thanks for coming by– it’s my prayer that the things you read here will minister to your heart and help you as you teach your children.

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