After working on high-school curriculum for several years, I’ve moved to the other end of the schooling spectrum with a phonics unit study. All the Letters, All Year Long is a unique, total immersion phonics program touching on all areas of academic knowledge and everyday life, helping pre-readers to identify letters and their sounds whenever they encounter them. This program could serve as a stand-alone phonics curriculum or may be used to supplement any other program.

The second new e-book is entitled Taking it on the Road — Homeschool Fun Away from Home. Based on our twenty years of homeschooling experience, this book offers exciting ideas to incorporate teaching into errand-running, vacations, and other travel time. It is essentially a unit study based on travel and going places. There are activities in all subject areas for all ages with many designed for the whole family together. Try it out and have fun learning together on your next trip!

All the Letters, All Year Long and Taking it on the Road — Homeschool Fun Away from Home are now available as e-books - get them today!

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