We just received a new review of the unit study, Swimming School… In and Around the Pool. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Felice Gerwitz, author/publisher Media Angels, Inc. www.MediaAngels.com

Swimming pools are something commonly found in Southwest Florida, where I reside, so when veteran author Lynda Coats came out with her new unit study on this topic I was very interested.

What a find! This study contains all kinds of information, links, and is more than just a safety manual. While she has some great website links on safety, what really intrigued me was the thoroughness of this unit.

Not only was there lots of information about swimming pools in general but also information about the structure and how they are built as well. This unit can be used again and again.

As she states, there is more information than you will need to use. But, be ready to spend more time than you plan to…my children wanted to learn more and this unit created what I like to term “off-shoot-learning” …it sparked interest in many related topics — exactly what I believe a good unit study should do. I highly recommend this unit study.”
Felice Gerwitz, author/publisher Media Angels, Inc. www.MediaAngels.com

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