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While it is true that my children completed their Homeschool journey when they graduated back in the 90’s, I still am deeply involved in and committed to improving and strengthening the freedom and opportunities available to Homeschooling families.  I work everyday to smooth relations between Home graduates and local colleges by ensuring that students receive the proper documentation for their graduation.  I am always striving to have available curricula that provides a diverse and thorough high school education while also allowing flexibility and customization; and offering a selection of other unit studies for all ages. All with an emphasis on Christian values and life practices.

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Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man were both created as result of much prayer and dedication to my calling as a parent and a teacher.  As my daughter, Naomi Rebekah, neared HS level, my husband and I began to search for the right curriculum to use with her.  There were many available that would have resulted in an excellent academic education.  However, the majority of these had too much emphasis on training her for a career or a modern lifestyle, or were strict follow-the-textbook types that did not fit her learning style.  We wanted to provide the education but reinforce the values, morals and ideals God desires for his people.

As we prayed about this, I kept being reminded of the passage Proverbs 31, I felt God was calling me to it as the answer.  I decided that I would use it as Bible class for a year to balance out the curriculum we chose to use.  However, as I began really delving into the passage, I realized that an in-depth study of each verse would not be only bible study.  Instead, all we needed to guide and educate our daughter was right there.  This is how Far Above Rubies came to exist.

This curriculum evaluates each verse and draws in resources which allow a deeper understanding of the knowledge, skills and values required to fully embody God’s priceless woman.  While Becky was in high school, many of our home schooling friends would see or hear about what we were doing and were intrigued.  I began to receive requests to help others do something similar, it was then that my husband encouraged me to pull the information from my (many) spiral notebooks into a more manageable format and share it with others.

I wrote Blessed is the Man with my husband about 3 years after Becky graduated.  I had begun to travel to HS shows with FAR and was enjoying the fellowship and feedback I was receiving, but I was moved by how times I heard comments like “I want the same thing, but I only have boys so FAR won’t help me”.  When I shared this with my husband, he said we should pray about trying to create a similar curriculum for young men.  Together we were drawn to Psalm 1, and this became the passage on which Blessed is the Man was based.  Like Far Above Rubies, Blessed is the Man is set-up to provide the academic and practical education needed while keeping God’s ideals for manhood in the forefront.  I strongly believe that Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man are each unique, one-of-a kind offerings and I would love the opportunity to share them with your family.

Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man are sold separately in e-book form on a computer CD.  There are enough available activities and resources in each to cover all the years for Jr. and Sr. High.  My passion for and belief in these books has never wavered and I will always strive to keep them very affordable.

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Blessed is the Man

Far Above Rubies

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