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Resources by Janice Campbell

  • Homeschooling Through High School: There’s Joy in the Journey!
  • Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler’s Guide to High School Paperwork
  • Get a Jump Start on College! A Practical Guide for Teens

Resources by Tammy Cardwell

  • A Homeschool that Handles the Hard Times: A Guide for Christian Homeschoolers
  • Cherry Pie: Recipe for a Successful Christian Homeschool
  • God Doesn’t Want Volunteers
  • Homeschooling through Hard Times
  • Meditations on the Word: Reflections on and Revelations from God’s Holy Word
  • See, I Told Me So!: Homeschool Veterans Declare You Can Stop Worrying
  • Some Successful Americans
  • Why the Chimes Rang

Resources by Connie Schenkelberg

  • Grammar Made Easy: Writing a Step Above
  • Mapping America (Coming soon as an e-book!)

Resources by The Old Schoohouse Magazine

  • Homeschooling Secrets Revealed

Resources by Miiko Gibson

Being a Good Friend

Resources by Teresa Evans

  • Making Math More Fun: Math Games and Activities: A large collection of math games and activities for a variety of ages.

Resources by Kerry Beck

  • Raising Leaders, Not Followers: A Biblical Perspective on Leadership

Resources by Lisa Taylor

Grande Cooking: Cook for a day, eat for weeks!