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A Unit-Study Homeschool Curriculum for High-School Girls

Far Above Rubies unit study for high school girlsThe Far Above Rubies unit study is designed to train girls of high school age to become the godly women our Lord wants them to be. It is based on Proverbs 31:10-31, and is designed to cover all subjects for a complete high school education, including many suggestions for expanding into specialized areas of interest.

I’ve tried to provide a well-rounded curriculum useful for college preparatory purposes as well as offering a number of business and vocational skills, but our primary goal is to help Christian young ladies develop their character and abilities for useful service to the Lord within the family setting. We hope to help maturing Christian girls understand the importance of homemaking as a full-time profession, even for a woman who may have another profession or occupation as well. This curriculum stresses the importance of a woman’s making her family her number one Earthly priority in terms of time and emotional commitment, and of seeing this as her life calling from God.

In that context, we attempt to prepare a young woman for all the responsibilities of adult life. This requires a thorough well-rounded high school education, basic life skills, a variety of home-based business and vocational skills, and mastery of a wide range of household and family-oriented tasks. The over-arching principle for all of this is to train the young lady to be a helper for her husband, nurturer of her children, and keeper at home, all of which are Biblical priorities for women. College and job preparation is included, but it is only of secondary importance in the overall objectives of this study.

It is the heartfelt prayer of all those connected with the publication of this volume that the Lord would use it mightily to train Godly women to undertake the awesome task of rearing and nurturing the next generation of God’s children. May their godly lives be used to bring great spiritual renewal to God’s people and to richly bless all with whom they come in contact. Please join us in this prayer for your own family as you begin the adventure that is Far Above Rubies.
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One happy user recently wrote:

“I use FAR/BITM as an Idea Bank more than as a straight curriculum. The point system, where one point is approximately an hour of work, gives me an idea of how long a project should take. The math section gave me the freedom to realize that not everyone needs to know Algebra (a hard lesson for this math lover <G>). The suggestions for Notebooking are great. I also like that when certain materials are recommended, we are told what the reason is for that resource. Then, I can know if I already have a resource that will meet that need … or that I can get from the library, if that particular resource isn’t otherwise available.”

Teresa in WV

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