The Story of Far Above Rubies

Dear Reader,

Many of you have wondered how Far Above Rubies came to be written, so here is the story…



Far Above Rubies was not originally written to publish for sale. It is a product of our family’s search for an appropriate course of study for our daughter, Becky. When she turned twelve and had mastered all of her basic studies, we decided she was ready to begin high school. So, like most parents, my husband, Lauren, and I set off to find a curriculum for her. However, that proved to be much harder than we had expected.

Becky was a hands-on, activity-oriented learner — a combination of the learning styles described in this volume as The Builder and The Co-operator. She had always been taught with unit studies and other non-textbook methods, and we did not wish to change that. It seemed for a time, however, that we would have no choice. There were few options available for the upper grades at that time.

As we begin to investigate materials that were out there, another problem arose. Since Becky had always felt called to be a home-working wife and homeschooling mom, we wanted a program that would encourage and prepare her for that lifestyle. There were none. Everything we found, even from Christian publishers, was much more career-oriented than we wanted. There were some wonderful programs, but nothing that was right for Becky. We took the matter to the Lord, asking Him to lead us to the right material or help us modify one for her.

His answer was a shock to all of us and resulted in the volume you now hold in your hands. God, in His infinite wisdom, led me unmistakably to Proverbs 31, a passage I had always loved and tried to emulate. I began to look at it as the way to train Becky for her future calling, but still did not fathom the depths of God’s plan.

At first, I thought I was to use Proverbs 31 as a Bible study on womanhood and the domestic calling to supplement (and perhaps, counteract) whatever prepared curriculum we would use for her. It was not until I began planning how to teach it, that God revealed the totality of His plan. He opened my mind and my heart to view the passage in a totally different way and to fully mine its riches for all areas of education.

Everything that Far Above Rubies has become has been due to His leading and the answer to the simple prayers of a pair of homeschool parents for their child. I take no credit for this work, but give all the glory to the One who truly made it happen. It is my prayer that He will use it as mightily in your family as He has in ours.

In His Love,
Lynda Coats

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