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Covenant Academy General Policies

1. Covenant Academy is a ministry of Covenant Family Fellowship, a non-denominational, Bible-teaching, congregation Christian church. Parents need not accept our beliefs to enroll here but must agree to follow our rules and code of conduct.

2. Enrollment is open to all families who wish to provide a quality education at home, regardless of race, creed, color, or nationality. Single parents and families in which both parents work may be accepted if they show adequate provision for supervision of the student.

3. Parents of Covenant Academy students are considered teachers without pay engaged only in the home schooling of their own children. Parents may employ other teachers at no cost to the school, provided the teacher is listed with us. In such cases, the teacher is not to be considered a staff member of Covenant Academy and has no affiliation with us other than as the teacher of those particular students. All official school business must still be handled through administrators or coordinators. Teaching may take place in any location of parent’s choice.

4. In dealings with school officials or other legal authorities in Alabama, children enrolled here should always be referred to as “church school student,” not “homeschoolers”as the two come under totally different sets of laws here. However, it is usually advisable to tell colleges and/or military recruiters that you homeschool while mentioning our name as your cover school. Families in other states should follow the guidelines for their state.

5. Tuition is $85 per family per school year. In addition, there is a non-refundable $35 sign-up fee the first year. Enrollment fee must accompany application and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Remaining tuition is due within 10 days of acceptance notification, unless other arrangements are made. Failure to pay in a timely manner will result in dismissal of student. Tuition is not pro-rated, and no refunds are given for withdrawal after the first day of the public school year in the student’s home district.

6. We provide report cards, transcripts, and other forms for each child which parents may fill out as they wish. Parents must send to the coordinator letter grades (may be pass/fail prior to 9th grade) or a written progress report for each subject at the end of May (and August for summer school credits.) For new homeschoolers or those deemed “at risk” only: lesson plans must be open for review throughout the year upon request by coordinator.

7. Alabama parents must complete Church School Enrollment Forms for all students aged 7 to 16 in their first year of enrollment or any time there is a change in any of the information on it. The school will mail to school superintendents all forms received before the first day of public school in each district. After that time, parents must mail their own forms to the school superintendent within 5 days after the start of school or initial enrollment, sending a copy for our records. Students planning to apply for driver’s licenses or permits must have a copy of the current year’s Church School Enrollment Form for that purpose, as should older students transferring from another school to prevent driver license problems. Other forms may be needed for this purpose in other states.

8. All enrolled families who live within 70 miles of a coordinator are required to attend an orientation meeting at the start of their first school year with us (dates and locations TBA). Periodic orientations or private interviews will be held for mid-year enrollees or those too far away to attend a regular one. Unexcused absence from orientation will result in dismissal.

9. Enrollments paid by check are not valid until the check clears the bank. Post-dated checks do not constitute payment until the date on the check. There will be a $25 service charge for all returned checks. Failure to clear these in a timely manner may result in dismissal of student and/or legal action. No records will be sent to other schools until check is cleared.

10. School personnel review all applications, and parents will receive notice of decision by Aug. 15 or within 5 days of application after August 10. When possible, notice will be given at time of submission of application. Alabama children taken out of school before enrollment is confirmed are legally considered truant. Receipt of newsletter or any other general member correspondence constitutes acceptance notice.

11. Students should have official class days at least 160 days per year, (or the number required by their state, if more) counting field trips, tests, or other educational activities. These “class sessions” may be held any day of the week and any month of the year, and need not consist of “school” type activities or scheduling, as long as learning is taking place.

12. Parents in Alabama must report days of attendance for each student for each nine-week period (dates to be determined by school staff prior to each school year) with all reports due within 10 days of the end of the reporting period. Parents should submit forms for all periods enrolled (except summer); even if no classes are taught (except for summer). Failure to file these forms in a timely manner could result in dismissal from the school. Other parents must submit some type attendance record quarterly at the end of November, February, May and August.

13. For their own protection, parents should notify administrators ASAP of any contact from authorities, legal proceedings involving home education, or any other circumstances that may make the family at-risk legally. This includes, but may not be limited to, lawsuits, custody hearings, and applications for public assistance. Failure to do so may result in dismissal and could cause legal problems for the family.

14. We will answer questions and provide records, depositions, or other information for legal officials and will testify in court if needed, but we neither offer nor pay for legal representation. Parents desiring this should apply to a group designed for that purpose. NEITHER COVENANT ACADEMY NOR ANYONE CONNECTED WITH IT IS RESPONSIBLE, LEGALLY OR OTHERWISE, FOR THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION RECEIVED BY OUR STUDENTS.

15. Parents may use any teaching material to suit their children’ needs. At-risk families may be required to have their choices reviewed by coordinator if she deems it necessary. Those with non-traditional approaches (i.e., unschooling) may present a written explanation of their plans, goals and philosophy of education in lieu of listing curriculum or providing lesson plans. Courses usually should include some exposure to the Bible, reading, language arts and math as deemed appropriate for that child, with other subjects added at parents’ discretion.

16. Students enrolling after Sept. 1 must show evidence of withdrawal from previous school (if any), and request transfer of records within 5 days of enrollment.

17. Children leaving this school must be officially withdrawn before enrolling elsewhere. If student enrolls in a new school, no records will be sent from Covenant Academy until we have a withdrawal form and updated transcript from parent on file.

18. Diplomas will be issued upon completion of approved high school curriculum (as defined by parent or primary teacher) or passing scores on tests over said material. Parents will pay the actual cost for diplomas, caps and gowns, invitations, and other optional items connected with graduation. Students who have completed studies toward a high school diploma at home before enrolling with us, may receive credit for all of that work as if done here, provided student is enrolled here for at least three months immediately prior to graduation and takes at least one course with us. Testing done by us is also at an additional fee.

19. Standardized achievement and diagnostic tests are offered as an option upon request where possible. They are NOT mandatory.

20. Each geographical area in which there are five or more member families will have a local coordinator who will help members with problems and plan activities for the group. Activities are not required, except that each coordinator MAY require one meeting per year for all families within 50 miles of meeting place. Activities available in areas with coordinators include field trips, classes, and other activities as planned and organized by members of the group. Any parent having ideas for such activities should clear them with the local coordinator before plans are set or activity is advertised. Most activities are open to our members only, but some may include other home educators by special invitation. These must be cleared in advance with the administrator.

21. Covenant Family Fellowship, as sponsor of this school, reserves the right to veto any activity or behavior that violates our religious beliefs. This includes ALL Halloween-related activities as a school group. Parents may, of course, observe it as they see fit within their own families.

22. Good behavior, respectful attitudes and modest dress will be required at all school functions. There is to be no obscene or vulgar language, poking fun at others, or public displays of affection (beyond a platonic hug). Only one warning will be given about such problems. On the second offense, the student may be banned from further activities. In addition, activities or lifestyles deemed harmful to the witness or reputation of Covenant Academy may result in dismissal.

23. Families who do not need legal covering (no children of mandatory age, or under tutor law or another school) may join as activity members to attend school activities, use the resource center, and receive mailouts. This fee is $30 per year. NO RECORD KEEPING WILL BE DONE FOR THESE FAMILIES.

25. Parents with complaints about the school should discuss them with the school administrators, and not indulge in the sin of gossip.

26. There is a $20 coordinator fee, which must be paid by the parent before the end of December.

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