FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about FAR

Q- Where can I get a complete list of EVERYTHING that is used in FAR or BITM? I want to buy it all so I won’t miss anything.

A- We do not publish the complete resource list for a very good reason. We do not expect anyone to purchase everything on it. Yet, when some parents see it they become frightened that there is SO much to buy. FAR and BITM are both ‘pick and choose” studies. There are lots of resources from which you choose those appropriate for your own family. (See also the next FAQ)

Q- I just bought FAR (or BITM) and am overwhelmed at the LARGE number of resources listed in it. There is no way I can afford all that stuff, but I love the idea of the curriculum. What can I do?

A-  Anyone who tries to take the resource list and purchase everything on it will undoubtedly exceed her budget. However, there is NO reason for anyone to do that. First, bear in mind that each of these is a four-six year curriculum, so purchases can be stretched out over time.

More importantly, FAR and BITM are not designed for any one student to do everything in it. Therefore, NO ONE will ever need all of the resources. Most essential items are things you probably already have (see list on website) and other items can be found easily and cheaply, used from a library, or substituted for a similar item. Please don’t be frightened by the extensive resource list. most families actually find FAR to be quite economical.