Pirates of the Caribbean (and Elsewhere) Unit Study

Do your children love to read about pirates? If so, they’ll be fascinated by this detailed unit study!

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Here’s a look at all they things they’ll learn in this unit:

Objectives of This Study

1. To use children’s love for the Pirates of the Caribbean to teach
and strengthen skills in reading, composition, handwriting,
research, computer skills, arithmetic/math, and other school

2. To encourage students to read and understand a large variety
of fiction and non-fiction literature, including other works
about pirates and their world;

3. To help children critically compare classic literature books to
the movies made from them;

4. To challenge children to discern truth from fiction in movies,
books and other media;

5. To instill in children an understanding of Biblical principles related to the life of pirates and our attitude toward them;

6. To urge children to memorize Scripture passages about theft,
dishonesty, greed and other aspects of the pirate’s life;

7. To help students investigate the geography of the Caribbean
Sea and the lands that surround it;

8. To immerse children in the history of the Caribbean Islands
and the mainland shores surrounding them;

9. To train children in reading and use of maps;

10. To use fencing, swimming, diving, climbing, rope skills, and
other activities showcased in the Pirates movies as a means of
increased fitness training for students;

11. To teach students to think for themselves, forming opinions
based on the best evidence available and the rules of logic;

12. To enable students to express their understanding of what
they study through written work, presentations, discussion,
and other media as desired;

13. To enlarge students’ useable vocabulary;

14. To broaden each student’s horizons by introducing new ideas,
people and places