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High School Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

Blessed is the Man and Far Above Rubies are unit study curricula for use in earning high school credits. They can be used with students as young as 10 or 11 who have a good grasp of basic language arts skills.

Activities are provided in both curricula to cover all recognized academic subjects and a wide range of practical arts and other electives. For this reason, many subjects can be studied together by boys and girls using the two studies.

However, the importance of offering two separate programs is found in the gender-specific training that is inherent in each. I do not mean by this that girls are taught cooking, sewing, and childcare, while boys are taught small engine repair and auto mechanics. While all of these topics are available in each study, they are weighted toward the respective genders.

Gender training is much more than that. It is our goal to train young people to fit in to God’s role for them in His World according to His Word. To this end, FAR (based on Proverbs 31:10-31) concentrates on training young women to be helpers to husbands, nurturers of children, and keepers at home, while still developing marketable skills in case of family need.

On the other hand, BITM (based on Psalms 1) is designed to train young men to fulfill their roles as future leaders in the Christian community and to be protectors, providers and priests for their future families.

Our primary emphasis in both cases is growth in Christian character and godliness, including the development of godly priorities. As important as a good academic education is, we do not want our students to lose sight of the greater good of service to the Lord.

In order to equip students for whatever arena to which the Lord may call them, FAR and BITM include most required college prep courses (you will need to add higher math and perhaps some additional science). However, also have a great deal of business and vocational training to prepare the student for the world of work without further formal education.

*Although I am currently out of stock for the printed versions, I hope to have both unit study volumes available as instantly downloadable e-books very soon. If you subscribe to my RSS feed, you’ll find out exactly when they are ready to order!

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