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Lynda is available as a speaker to share her expertise from nearly thirty years of homeschooling. She offers workshops on a variety of topics related to home education. While she accepts speaking engagements from conventions, her primary ministry will be in-depth day-long workshops covering several topics, up to four separate talks in one day. Sponsors may choose topics from the list on the website.

Who Are We?

We are the Coats family, and this website is devoted to the varied ministries and projects through which God has called us to serve Him. First, let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Lauren and Lynda Coats were happily married and serving the Lord Jesus together for 30 years (since 1972), until Lauren went home to be with the Lord in 2007. We have lived and served in a variety of locations, mostly throughout the Southeast, moving from house to house 24 times in those 30 years. Along the way, we have met many wonderful people, seen a lot of interesting sights, and most importantly, learned a great deal about God, His world, and His ways.

All of our children have been homeschooled all the way through high school. We both met and came to know the Lord in college, before we were married, or even romantically inclined toward each other. We dedicated our marriage to Him from the beginning, and He blessed us abundantly. After worshiping and serving in a wide variety of Christian churches, we helped found a small home church in Montgomery, AL in 1991. We still worship with that group of believers today. All that we do is for His praise and glory.

Lauren served as lay pastor and Bible teacher for the church group and supported the family as a computer programmer, working for a consulting firm that was contracted to the Alabama Department of Human Resources. Though time did not allow heavy participation in the everyday affairs of any of our other ministries, Lauren was committed to them and very much a part of it all. In his spare time, he was a voracious reader and enjoyed computer games, cable news programs, a wide range of videos, and lively discussions on topics related to current events, history, theology, or the Christian worldview.

Lynda had the job of actually running the various ministries that make up Covenant Academy. After Lauren’s homegoing, she began working with the Unit Study Emporium, as an extension of her writing and speaking ministries. She is author of Far Above Rubies and Blessed is the Man homeschool curriculum, with a great deal of input from Lauren on both. Lynda has also been the official administrator of Covenant Academy, and handled the day to day operation of the other aspects of this ministry. She offers her knowledge and experience gained from 30 years of homeschooling through workshops all over the United States.

Joshua, age 37, attended school at home all of his school life, except for third grade and three months of fourth, which he spent in an ACE (School of Tomorrow) school in Houston, TX. He graduated in 1991 at age 16 and earned a degree in Electronic Technology from John Patterson Technical College in 1994. Joshua has since earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is pursuing a career in that field.

Rebekah, known as Becky, is 34 years old and completed her homeschooling work in 1994. She also earned a degree in Interior Design at home, and is currently studying Psychology and Christian Counseling. She is co-author with Lynda of the historical fiction trilogy set in the days of the Pony Express.

Jason, 33, was adopted late in life and only went to school at home for six academic years. He graduated from homeschooling through Covenant Academy in 1998. Jason is married to Stephanie Harwell and has four children Tyler, Dylan, Shelby & Bailey.  Jason & Stephanie are considering homeschool for the children’s education. For the moment, Jason is a tow truck driver, and Stephanie works for a local florist.